24 October 2012

To My Grandma, I miss you!

{For you}

You've always stood out.
You've always been a lone bird.
You've finally taken flight.
You're finally in your own world.

You'll always be missed.
No one can replace.
You're kind of the perfect person.
No smile on any face.

A secret tear.
A real dream.
A final breath.
A flowing stream.

There's never been a single moment.
Not a single word.
No one can deny you're gone.
No one can deny you're here.

Forever is a long time.
Forever wasn't long enough.
A beautiful memory.
A beautiful love.

A life taken so long ago.
Still feels like yesterday.
You're finally in your own world.
You've all but flown away.

{This is a poem I wrote in remembrance to my grandmother who passed away from brain cancer in 2005. Today, October 24th, is her birthday. If I could, I'd tell her how much I love and miss her. Appreciate the amazing love she had for me and every one else. The woman who loved her birds, Elvis Presley and old western movies. Played basketball with her grandsons and always made me smile. The woman who will always be in my heart. Forever. And always. I love you, Grandma. I love you dearly.}


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  1. It is so beautiful that you wrote something for your grandmother, and that you honor her on her birthday every year.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about your loved one.


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