08 October 2012

MUSIC REVIEW: "Just the Way I Am" by Genie Zhuo

Genie Zhuo - "Just the Way I Am" [album]
Genre: C-Pop/Dance
Language: Mandarin
Country: Taiwan
Purchase: iTunes

1. "反派"
2. "不要不要"
3. "髒兮兮"
4. "想飛的自由落體"
5. "夠了"
6. "針"
7. "哇哇叫"
8. "得分"
9. "恐慌症"
10. "話說夏娃"
11. "反正"

My Thoughts:
Don't worry, I can't read any of those song titles either. My ability to read Asian languages begins and ends with Korean. Throw in Chinese, Japanese or any others and I'm a lost puppy!
I first learned about Genie Zhuo through the Taiwanese drama, Office Girls. Her song "Bu Yao Bu Yao" {不要不要} is used as the main theme song, and after watching numerous episodes the song became stuck in my head, at least the only parts I remember. So I finally went and looked for the song and the music video itself was just as addicting. After searching through the YouTube of her record label I found the music video for her song "想飛的自由落體" that I immediately recognized as the song they used during heartfelt times in the same drama, Office Girls (which I recommend). The clips from the drama in the music video helped too. I knew that I had to check out the rest of the album, and downloaded it that instant.

After listening through the entire album, I knew I had found a gem. It is the first Asian album on my iPod that isn't Korean or Japanese (mind you any Japanese song is performed by someone who is Korean). And it won't be my last. It is most likely my favourite album I've listened to this year. {With G-Dragon's "One of a Kind" following close behind.} There is a song in almost every genre, ballad, pop, R&B, dance, electro, a little rock flair. And I so desperately want to learn Mandarin so I can understand at least one word.

I know you're probably thinking "if you don't understand, why listen?" Well, I didn't understand any Korean when I first listened to K-Pop and now I can read it, and use sentences, as well as understand most of the lyrics. It takes time. But, aside from that, she has a beautiful voice and the songs hit so many notes that I just want to keep listening.

The songs "", "哇哇叫", "反派"  are fun songs with beats that remind me of popping bubbles, heavy electric guitar rifs and loud singing that is mesmerizing & has me dancing every time I'm trying to do something else like the dishes or clean my room. #Fail. :]

Then there's the final song, "话说夏娃" that is light and airy, a simple pop sound with paired with her sweet melodic voice
The flow of this album is perfect. It's like a roller coaster to get you up on your feet, sit down and chill and then back up again. You start off with a hyper song and end with a chill song.

I'll be checking more out from Genie, as well as any of the dramas she's been in. One of her songs, "話說夏娃" is actually the theme song of a recent drama she's been acting in and is now the next drama I'll be watching. In fact, I may start it tonight! (especially because there will be 32 episodes & 8 are up already.)
If you're a K-Pop, J-Pop, or a pop fan in general, you should definitely check out this album!!

Bonus video:
The music video that caught my attention and made me love her. "不要不要 (Bu Yao Bu Yao)"


  1. I totally agree with you. She is a nice singer and I wasn't aware of that. I am addicted to her song "Bu Yao Bu Yao" after watching Office Girls. This is an insane question but do you know where I can find a dress like her from the album cover?

    1. No, I don't. Sorry. :( It could be custom made, or something from Taiwan.

      Thank you for commenting, though!! :)

      ♥ Shanise

  2. My granddaughters love the dance studio version of Bu Yao Bu Yao. Genie now has a new song out, 啾咪啾咪, which has a music video, a dance video, and a dance studio version, which again my granddaughters love.


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