03 August 2010

Re-Create a Cover | "Coffeehouse Angel" by Suzanne Selfors

I got an invite to join this contest, and as most of you have seen...I love these kind of contests!
It's another re-create a cover contest. This one is hosted by Trisha's Book Blog. We are to re-create the cover of the upcoming book, Coffeehouse Angel by: Suzanne Selfors. I have heard about her book Saving Juliet and it's on my wish list. I would love to win and read this book, Coffeehouse Angel.
You can find out all the details: here.

         Original:                     My entry:
Picture credit for my entry goes to AdriftPhotography on DeviantArt!

**click either picture to enlarge!
- I'll post my other cover I made after the contest has expired!

What do you think of this entry, I love the original it's so colorful, so I decided a classic black & white would be mine. I love doing these re-create the cover contests, even if I were to never win, they're still fun & a way to stretch my "artsy" fingers.

I could win a signed copy of the book and a mug with the cover on it (original cover)...so when it's time and you're allowed to vote, please vote for mine. Or your favorite...lol.

Read more about Coffeehouse Angel and the author, Suzanne Selfors here.
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