31 August 2010

Tune Tuesday (005)

Welcome to the fifth Tune Tuesday. A feature I started right here at Camisado Mind!!
Tune Tuesday is a lot like "Music Monday" that was started....somewhere. But what I'll do is give you a topic and you'll give me ten songs that fit it.
It could be a "writing playlist", a "feel good playlist"....whatever. Sound good?
Okay, so this week's topic is:

Best "break-up" Songs!

These could be songs about a sad break-up, a happy one or songs about being better off without that person. Hey, even songs about missing the person you’ve broken up with. As long as they’re about a post break-up. (If anything is in another language, put an asterisk* next to it and tell us at the bottom what it translates to!)

Here’s my playlist:
in no particular order)
1. “Take Me Along” by Miley Cyrus - link
2. “All I Wanted” by Paramore - link
3. “Everything You’re Not” by Demi Lovato - link
4. “Solo” by Demi Lovato - link
5. “Over Me Now?” by Gloriana - link
6. “Undo It” by Carrie Underwood - link
7. “Why” by Jason Aldean -  link
8. “All We Ever Do is Say Goodbye” by John Mayer - link
9. “I Won’t Apologize” by Selena Gomez & the Scene - link
10. “You Lost Me” by Christina Aguilera - link
11. “Fearless” by Colbie Caillat - link
12. “The Truth” by Jason Aldean - link
13. “Collapsed” by Aly & AJ - link
14. “Love Don’t Live Here” by Lady Antebellum - link
15. “You Had Me” by Joss Stone - link
16. “Dreaming With a Broken Heart” by John Mayer - link
17. “I Keep On Forgetting (To Forget About You)” by JoJo - link
18. “Stay” by Miley Cyrus - link
19. “Too Little Too Late” by JoJo - link
20. “Forever & Always” Taylor Swift - link

**leave a comment with your playlist so I can check it out!! :)
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