12 July 2010

Fallen by: Lauren Kate

This isn't necessarily a review so much as saying why I like it. (for a contest).

I read Fallen a few months ago when it first came out and despite the fact that it's about angels...I loved it. I was expecting something that was too "Twilight-ish" but was happy to see it wasn't. I loved that it was absolutely full of action and I felt like I knew every single character not just Luce and Daniel. I loved the opening (after I understood it), the way we're introduced not only to Daniel, but to Luce as well.

I will say I did feel as trapped as Luce did being in the school the entire book (minus the few pages where she was knocked around by drunks in a bar). I was just as annoyed with Daniel as she was and just as drawn to him as she was. And yes, I wanted him.

Why do we always want guys we can't have?! (Unless you can....)
The next book in the series, which I'm anticipating greatly, is called Torment and to be quite honest....I don't like that name. I don't want anyone to be tormented. I just want the angels to all get along and Luce & Daniel to live happily ever after (and she not die)....but that wouldn't really be the intention of the book now would it!?

Basically, I do recommend this page turner! :)
And if I were to rate it, I'd give it 4 stars!


  1. would you think a 20 year old male can enjoy this book?

  2. What kind of books are usually into?


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