23 July 2010

Summer Reading Break (#10)

This is the 10th activity challenge...but sadly, my first one. I know that I will be joining in from now until the end of summer!
This is a fun one.
I had to use a random verb (Clasp), name (Alice Palmisano) and picture (below) to create a bookcover. And based on that book cover I had to come up with a synopsis.
Read it & tell me if this cover and synopsis makes you want to read it!! :)

You can go here for all the details on what you're supposed to do.


Rachel has been haunted by one word her whole life; love. It surrounded her and everyone she knew seems to have fallen in it. She didn't quite understand--until someone said it to her, between two other words she'd never used together, "I" and "you".
Joe had finally told Rachel exactly how he felt...and now she is moving. It couldn't have been worse timing. With her father's new job and the crappy thing about not being an adult, there's not much Rachel can do. 
Until Joe proposes.
Rachel knows that living with her boyfriend in his college dorm isn't the ideal way for someone who is newly engaged, so she moves with her father, hoping that her and Joe's love is strong enough to hold through the short visits and 200 mile span.
But at a new school and new people, Rachel meets Eric Lynford, the geek with more problems than an army of misfits. It's not until Eric's near death experience that Rachel really understands the meaning of the word "love".
Before her clasp on Joe begins to loosen, Rachel must find out that giving love is much more powerful than getting.
In "Clasp" it's another curse of  helping someone in need, but this time, the curse may be too strong for one girl.
© Iridescent Lotus
Maira Gall