31 July 2010

Random Post, Saturday! (002)

I'm posting this hours later than I'd have liked to, but as you know from previous posts, today is National Dance Day, so yeah...I've been dancing. Dancing and cleaning!
Music is pretty much everything to me, so of course it's always on, and I am doing more than just singing along. :)
How is your Dance Day, aka D-Day, going? Moving & grooving?
I should give you an awesome dance playlist....but that's too much effort for right now.

I really don't have a topic for today, so what to talk about?
Well, for one, no one seems to care what they get in the giveaway I'll be doing soon. As shown by the lack of comments on this post. So, that means I'll just pick whatever book I feel like & give away if you want it, you'll enter, if not, you won't. Simple.

One thing I will talk about...my new blog:

I started this blog a few days ago. It's specifically for posting any songs I write, short stories(working on), and poetry...and anything else music related. You can learn more here, or click the tab that says Twisted Symphony at the top of the page.
Because I'm using a different kind of blogger template, you'll have to do something else to follow.

To follow you can click here or in the sidebar of the page click on: "»click to follow«"

As I am constantly saying, music means the world to me, so when/if I give away music (iTunes gift cards, CDS...etc) then I will there. So, you obviously have to follow.

I will keep the template I'm using for now and as I get more follows, I will switch to the newer one. As of now, you cannot leave comments, but you can click here to send me an e-mail or comment about the page.

That's all for today....
Have a great D-Day.
And comment about which book you would like to enter to win!!

What you can expect next week:
• Review of Devoured by Amanda Marrone
• Review of Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles
• A new playlist for Tune Tuesday - (maybe two).
• New buttons for you to find me on other sites.
• And of course all of the features & memes!


I may go on HIATUS the week after next to focus on some things I need to. And the computer & blogging isn't something that is of importance right now.
I will still be reading however, so there will be two or more reviews when I come back.
And I will probably do "double" posts for the meme's and features I did not participate in.
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