24 July 2010

Random Post, Saturday!

First, I want to welcome all the new followers and say thank you & that I hope all my posts keep you interested and coming back.
Second, because this is the first "Random Post, Saturday" I'm going to tell you a little about it.
•I'll try to post this every Saturday.
•It'll contain something about the blog, books I'm working on, my second blog I co-host - Bury the Castle, or just whatever.
•I will try to make it interactive where I ask questions and create a poll, a form or just have you leave a comment.

So, for today's post:


I had intended to do a giveaway when I reached 50 followers, but that seems to be coming up a little faster than I thought. So I will do one at the end of summer. That means I'll do it on the first day of autumn, September 22nd, 2010! I'm still unsure what book I'd like to giveaway, I don't know if I want to do a Debut Author giveaway or just any other random book. So I'm going to ask you guys which book you would like to win in a giveaway. (It must be released before or on September 21st, 2010.) The top five answers will go in a poll that I will create by next month, August 15th, and I will add my own choice.
If the book you choose is in a series, make sure to let me know.

My blog is not limited to YA titles, thought I do read those more often.
It must be a fiction book in the Adult or Young Adult field.

To see all of the books I have read this year click here. To see all of the books I've ever read (to my knowledge) and their ratings, then click here.

You do not have to choose a book from either list. It is there to help you.
NO mangas or comics!!

I will create a poll and/or form when I get enough answers, and have you vote.

P.S. The more followers I get, the more giveaways I will (try) to give, so spread the word.

I'm on twitter, facebook, and goodreads. (links here or sidebar.)

Have a great weekend!!

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