27 July 2010

Tune Tuesday (002)

Tune Tuesday is a lot like "Music Monday" that was started....somewhere. But what I'll do is give you a topic and you'll give me ten songs that fit it.
It could be a "writing playlist", a "feel good playlist"....whatever. Sound good?
Okay, so this week's topic is:

"My Escape Playlist!"
Go through your iTunes, iPod, iWhatever and find the songs that you frequent when you're not in the best of moods. Songs that help you feel, happier. Songs that put you in a different place. Or just songs that are exactly how you feel at that moment. Whether you're mad, sad, stressed. Just a negative mood. And these songs just help you out! You can leave youtube links or links to download the song if you'd like.
(All of the "link" are to a youtube video.)
Make a top ten. I'm doing 15 this week. (I actually have a playlist that is 44 songs strong.)

  1. "Clarity" by: John Mayer - link
  2. "Believe in Me" by: Demi Lovato - link (must listen, this is my go to song)
  3. "Get out of this Town" by: Carrie Underwood - link
  4. "Going Through Changes" by: Army of Me - link (hate the video, love the song)
  5. "Can't Be Tamed" by: Miley Cyrus - link
  6. "Full Moon" by: The Black Ghosts - link (this music video sucks, but I love the song)
  7. "Everyday is Exactly the Same" by: Nine Inch Nails - link
  8. "Let it Go" by: Blue October - link
  9. "The High Road" by: JoJo - link (not music video or live)
  10. "Home is Where the Heart is" by: Lady Antebellum - link
  11. "I Won't Apologize" by: Selena Gomez & the Scene - link (not music video or live)
  12. "World of Chances" by: Demi Lovato - link (not music video or live - sadly)
  13. "Gravity" by: John Mayer - link 
  14. "Devil Archerist" by: Bethany Joy Galeotti - link (not music video or live)
  15. "Drive" by: Vanessa Hudgens - link (not music video or live)
*all links go to a YouTube video of the song containing either the professional music video or a live version, unless stated other wise.

(If you don't have any songs you listen to when you're down then just make a top ten "feel good" playlist of songs that just make you smile.)

What's in your playlist?
© Iridescent Lotus
Maira Gall