14 July 2010

Recreate a Cover: Tell Me a Secret (Full Post)

Early this week I entered a contest at Princess Bookie to recreate the cover of the book Tell Me a Secret by: Holly Cupala. Her rules were:

Official Rules:
Open To US Only (unless you have a friend who will ship to you OR your willing to cover shipping via paypal and I will ship to you)
One Entry Per Person
Open Until July 15th unless we hit 30 before that!
First 30 participates In Mr Linky
We will be voting in rounds!
Holly will comment on top 5!

Here's the thing. I turned in my cover on July 12th and while I was posting the blog and filling in the link she was already making the voting poll...and there were only 29 entrants. So, of course mine didn't get put in the actual poll, so she just put my cover in the voting post for people to put #29 in the comments if they want to vote for me. (The real #29 wasn't a real entry). And most people would skip over the picture because: 1) it's small and 2) it's not in the actual poll. :-(

So I'm here to say that I am unofficially withdrawing from the contest. There is pretty much no way that I will be moving on in the next round. Yeah, sucks. So this post is to show you all of the book covers I made for the contest and the one I entered.

*You can no longer vote, but I thank you for the three people who paid attention & did vote. :-/
But to support two of my favorite bloggers, vote for either #1 or #12!! Click here!

Here are all of the book covers I did. Tell me your favorite.
(The first one is the one I entered)
*you can click them to make them bigger.

My favorites are #1, #2, & #3.

(The next book I read that I'm not a fan of the cover I'll make a cover I feel works better & post the link to it at the end of the review.)
(I would also like to do a contest like this some day but a little different.)

Anyways, that's that.  :-)

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  1. Your covers are so great! Numbers one and two are my favourites.


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