15 July 2010

New Blog in Town.

Hello fellow bloggers! How are ya'll tonight?
I'm dandy, thanks. ;-)

As you can see by the title, this is about a new blog on blogger. Not just the new look of this blog, but a brand new book blog. Made for giveaways, reviews, and fun!! My best friend Amanda (at Another Book Junkie) & I created this blog just today. It's still in some major need of TLC, but it's up & ready for you to go and follow.

We will be doing reviews of all books, not just YA. I, myself, don't limit this blog to YA books, but I'm drawn to them...so that's what you mainly see. I also do a lot of music reviews as well. So this blog isn't just about books.

Our blog will focus on books and movies and TV shows based on books. And of course giveaways.
We would love to do a 50 follower giveaway right away, so go ahead and follow us and tell others to follow as well!

And now to unveil the name of our blog.....*drum roll please*......

Yup, you read right.... Bury the Castle is the name of the new blog in town. We were listening to some of our favorite Paramore songs & like Amanda said the one we'd most likely pick up a name from is their song, "Brick by Boring Brick". She was right. "Bury the castle" is a lyric straight out of that [amazing] song.
*To watch the music video for "Brick by Boring Brick" by the epicness that is Paramore click here! You may have an ad before the youtube video.

To follow the new blog make sure to click here & tell your friends.
We'll add a button and everything up by the end of next week for sure. Including a few reviews. 
(And maybe a giveaway if we have at least 50 followers by then.)

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