20 July 2010

Tune Tuesday (001)

Tune Tuesday is a lot like "Music Monday" that was started....somewhere. But what I'll do is give you a topic and you'll give me ten songs that fit it.
It could be a "writing playlist", a "feel good playlist"....whatever. Sound good?
Okay, so this week's topic is:

Flashback Playlist!
You go through your "last played" songs and pick ten songs that are from 100 years ago to the early 2000's and make a list. It doesn't have to be in order, just the top ten.
If you want to take it farther leave a YouTube link or a link to download the actual song.
-I see a lot of Britney, NSync, No Doubt, and Backstreet Boys in the future! :)

Here's my playlist:
(get ready for some amazing flashback-ness)!

  1. "Baby (I'm a do Right)" by: 3LW - link
  2. "The Marriage of Figaro" Composed by: Mozart
  3. "I Drive Myself Crazy" by: *NSync - link (I frick'n love this video)
  4. "Cruz" by: Christina Aguilera - link
  5. "Stuck" by: Stacie Orrico - link
  6. "Born to Make You Happy" by: Britney Spears - link
  7. "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely" by: Backstreet Boys - link
  8. "My Way Home" by: Citizen Cope - link
  9. "White America" by: Eminem - link
  10. "Your Body is a Wonderland" by: John Mayer - link ♥♥

*If you think those are eclectic wait until future playlists! :)
**All links take you to a YouTube video of either the music video or a live performance! Enjoy!!

*Now, some of you weirdos out there may not have any "flashback" worthy music in your iTunes library or iPod....soo here's one you can do:
Give me a top ten list of your favorite songs from as far back as possible until the early 2000s say....2005 is your stop point!? Sound fair?

What does your playlist for the week look like?
© Iridescent Lotus
Maira Gall