22 July 2010

National Dance Day - July 31st | SYTYCD

If you are a fan of So You Think You Can Dance, then you have most like heard of this day. July 31st, 2010 is National Dance Day as declared by the amazing people at the Dizzy Feet Foundation. You can find about the entire organization, how to donate, and everything else: click here

I am quite passionate about dancing. More so singing, but dancing is one of my favorite things to do and watch others do. When I'm in a mood...any mood...I'm either singing or dancing or just listening to music. Basically...I cannot function well without some sort of self expression through the form of musical arts.
What you'll do is go to the dizzy feet foundation website (I will remind you the day before) and find the list of activities you can do to get you dancing, promote physical fitness. And you may end up learning something about yourself. Dancing really is fun!!

To learn more about the Dizzy Feet Foundation and what their mission is, click here.

If you know you are going to join in on the day of dance you can get a shirt that let's everyone else know you joined in, then click here. The shirts are kind of expensive, but proceeds go to the Dizzy Feet Foundation. 
*I'm not sure if some or all go towards the foundation.

So...do it!!

Now, let's talk about So You Think You Can Dance...
How frickin amazing is this season?
Lauren, Kent, Alex(eliminated), Adéchiké....Ugh. It's hard to not vote for them all!

Below are the links to 4 of my favorite performances thus far in the season:
  1. Robert & Allison* | Contemporary - (Travis Wall) 
  2. Lauren & Mark* | Tahitian - (Tiana Liufau)
  3. Adéchiké & Comfort* | Hip-Hop - (NappyTabs [Tabitha & Napoleon])
  4. Lauren & Kent | Contemporary - (Travis Wall)

I have other favorites, but those were on the top of my head!!
I will remind you of the National Dance Day July 30th!

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