30 July 2010

National Dance Day - July 31st | Update

This is an update on the post I did on the 22nd of this month about the National Dance Day that is happening tomorrow! It was declared by the people at Dizzy Feet Foundation. I am definitely participating!! How about you!?
There is a NappyTabs routine that they choregraphed for anyone to learn, and you can find it on the FOX website or on the Dizzy Feet Foundation youtube page.  I'm going to attempt to learn it tomorrow. No I won't post a video or anything, but you can by going here to learn how.

To learn more about National Dance Day, click here.

The reason I'm talking about this is because I believe that dance is a sport (and Gatorade has finally recognized it as a sport).

Last time I talked about this, I posted about the top 4 dances I loved thus far in the season or So You Think You Can Dance. I don't think I can choose only 4 this time! This is really an amazing season. (And the Adéchiké & Comfort video is posted on the list now, #4.)
Little Billy Bell danced his heart out last night, but I think Lauren deserves this season! So, good choice judges.
Robert is a phenomenal dancer, but that's all that's appealing about him. Yes, the shows about dancing, but we fall in love with the people and their personalities as well & Robert can be a bit over the top. But I do vote for him.
The top 4 (Lauren, Kent, Adéchiké and Robert) are my top four and this next week is going to be extremely hard!

Are you a SYTYCD fan?

Who are your favorites?

Will you be participating in National Dance Day tomorrow!?

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